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Dubrovnike Boat Adventure

We are a family run business formed by a merry team of seasoned professionals with a passion for tourism and sailing. After years of honing our skills and talents, we decided to share our knowledge and live our passion in a new way: our very own business. The best practices and experience we collected throughout the years have now been implemented into a new endeavor – with the aim of maximizing our clients’ satisfaction.

Barracuda 530

Croatian Quality


Duljina 530 cm
Širina 265 cm
Težina 550 kg
Spremišta 5
Spremnik goriva 95 lit
Spremnik vode 70 lit
Broj komora 5
Materijal tubusa Hypalon
Promjer tubusa 60 cm
Snaga motora od 50 do 120 hp
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Private Tours from Dubrovnik

Full Day Trip

Private boat tours in the area of Dubrovnik. Near the town of Dubrvnik lies a chain of islands known as the Elfti Islands, which in the pass would mean the Jeleski Islands. The archipelago consists of thirteen islands, of which only three are inhabited. The largest of them is Šipan, followed by Kalamota or Koločem and Lopud. If you want to enjoy untouched nature, clean sea and without the city crowd just a few minutes from the city center, a full-day boat trip is for you.

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We are a local team of tourist guides who live and work in Dubrovnik all their lives. Therefore, we are the best connoisseurs of our sea and islands, and we offer the ultimate pleasure for all our visitors.

You can reach us by phone whatsapp://tel:+385981752323 or by email info@soulofcroatia.com.

We approach each visitor with an individual offer based on his wishes. other possibilities, and therefore we do not have a fiscal price. For inquiries about the price, it is best to contact us by email info@soulofcroatia.com or by phone whatsapp://tel:+385981752323.

Yes. Fuel is included in the price.

Yes. All our offers include a skipper.

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